The Homeowners Association of Golden Gate Estates

In response to community interest, the organization known as The Homeowners’ Association of Golden Gate Estates, aka HOAGGE, was formed. This organization will be open to anyone who owns property in the platted subdivision of Golden Gate Estates. The main goal of this homeowners’ group is to unify the varied sections and neighborhoods within this large development to “Help Build a Sense of Community”. The Association is optional. There are no mandatory association requirements in the overall Golden Gate Estates area.
The Homeowners’ Association of Golden Gate Estates plans has social, community service and educational activities that enhance the living experience within the Estates. Some of the activities that have take place include holiday festivals and socials, community picnics, neighborhood block parties, community service projects, and safety lectures for residents. Rather than relying on our neighboring communities to provide activities of interest, the HOAGGE will enables the homeowners an opportunity to build our own sense of community. Creating these activities and projects of interest will allow us to showcase the unique and diverse character of Golden Gate Estates.

The group is seeking members with positive ideas and a desire to unite the community. This organization will offer the opportunity to create the kind of neighborhood cohesiveness that is found in smaller developments with the goal of making this a better place for everyone to live. All property owners within the platted area of the Estates are encouraged to join, be active, and bring your great ideas. This fun and dynamic group will grow quickly.

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